Online Newsletter Issue 3: Fall 2009

Should Reporting on Operating Support Be Simpler?

Should Reporting on Operating Support Be Simpler?

Grantmakers in Minneapolis, Cleveland, and elsewhere are changing their reporting requirements for operating support grants. Now about a fifth of all grants made, operating support represents a major opportunity to streamline. Whether combining forms or eliminating the final report altogether, learn how these funders have eased the burden on grantees.

Cultural Data Project

Collective Streamlining: the Cultural Data Project

Launched in ­­­2004, the Cultural Data Project has become the exemplar of the central data repository strategy for streamlining. It allows arts organizations to apply to and share information with multiple grantmakers at once. Hear what CDP partners are saying about the benefits of this creative approach.

Good Intentions, Not-So-Good Practices?

Good Intentions, Not-So-Good Practices?

Grantmakers say they’re open to adopting grantee-friendly practices, but they’ve been slow to implement them, a Grantmakers for Effective Organization study finds. Is Grantmaking Getting Smarter? shares results from a survey of more than 800 foundations, identifying obstacles and pockets of progress in the effort to better support nonprofits.

Keys to Communicating

Keys to Communicating with Grantees

Information consistency, staff responsiveness, and helpful application and reporting systems are the three key ingredients to better foundation communications with grantees, according to research by the Center for Effective Philanthropy. Foundation Communications: The Grantee Perspective indicates grantees place a high premium on communications and recommends practical steps for improvement.

“Nonprofits Can’t Afford to Do Business This Way”

Grantmakers aren’t providing nonprofits with the stability and flexibility they need to respond to community challenges, consultant Lynn Eakin argues. “The administrative burden placed by funders on nonprofit organizations is so heavy…it is a wonder they can deliver any services effectively.” Read about the results of Eakin’s study of three Canadian nonprofits which echo Project Streamline's Drowning in Paperwork report findings.

Association of Small Foundations

Right-Sizing Your Requirements

“How can you right-size your grant applications and reports, yet still get the information you need to make decisions and assess your impact?” asks the Association of Small Foundations in its latest newsletter. In light of a struggling economy, some ASF members are working to come up with answers.

Guide to Streamlining

Upcoming Guide, Conference, and More from Project Streamline

Project Streamline is working on a series of resources to help grantmakers improve their grant application and reporting practices. Stay tuned for a Guide to Streamlining, local workshops, enhancements that make the website more interactive, a conference track focused on streamlining at the Grants Managers Network annual conference in March, and an online assessment tool developed in partnership with the Center for Effective Philanthropy.