Online Newsletter Issue 5: Fall 2012

Mary Reynolds Babcock Foundation

The Mary Reynolds Babcock Foundation

Working smarter not harder was the goal of Mary Reynolds Babcock Foundation when it began streamlining its application and reporting processes in 2005. Grants Manager, Danette Peters talks about her organization’s streamlining goals, the changes they made and the lessons learned.

Is grantmaking getting smarter?

National Study Shows Streamlining is Catching On

More foundations are streamlining their grantmaking processes according to the 2011 field study of grantmaking practices conducted by Grantmakers for Effective Organizations in partnership with the TCC Group. The field study, completed in 2011, is the third of its kind following surveys in 2003 and 2008. When compared to the earlier data, the results of the most recent survey are encouraging. 


Courteous and Collegial

Making Your Communications Courteous and Collegial

A friendly, polite, even sympathetic tone is the best way to encourage compliance with application and grant requirements without accidentally inspiring resentment and resistance. Yet, too often, correspondence with applicants and grantees ends up sounding cold and imperious. Tony Proscio provides suggestions for revising your writing so that it strengthens alliances and inspires cooperativeness, rather than turning people off.

Foundation Center

Online Grant Applications and Reporting—Practical Wisdom and Recommendations for Grantmakers


Each year, the Foundation Center completes grant applications and progress, evaluation, and financial reports for 500+ foundations, of which approximately 87 utilize anelectronic/online format. At the request of the Ford Foundation, The Foundation Center recently conducted a content analysis of its donors’ current online application and reporting requirements. This analysis offers an overview and comparison of online application and reporting requirements and structures, and highlights the technical and structural challenges frequently encountered by the Center’s fundraising staff when completing these requirements. The report concludes with recommendations for best practices in online system design and proposes solutions to help grantmakers streamline their application and reporting process.

Streamline Your Processes by Investing in Grants Management

At GMN’s Annual Conference in San Antonio this spring, participants heard from a panel of grantmakers who have invested in their grants management processes by streamlining their application and reporting practices. The panellists took turns describing how they implemented these changes and the lessons they learned.

Project Streamline Guide to Due Diligence

Streamlining Your Due Diligence

Whereas much due diligence serves an important purpose, some practices are rooted in misunderstandings about what is required. This article dispels common myths and clarifies legal requirements.

Project Streamline Update

Assessing Our Progress

In just five years, Project Streamline has grown from an idea to an industry-wide concept, and even a movement. Now, it’s time to find out to what extent the field has streamlined and what’s really working to reduce the burden of grantmaking practices on both grantmakers and grantseekers.